Are you looking to install high-quality garden fencing around your domestic property? At Fencerite, we can provide you with a wide range of fencing and garden services to suit your budget, property purpose and individual requirements.

If your existing fence is generally in a good state of repair but requires a little maintenance, such as a new fence post, we can help with that too.

Just some of the garden and fencing services we provide in Kilmarnock and the surrounding areas include:

  • Domestic fencing installation
  • Storm-damaged repairs
  • Small wall demolition
  •  Garden gate installation
  •  Hedge removal
  •  Fencing design

New fencing installations

We are vastly experienced and can install a wide range of different fencing types at your home, including:

Picket fencing

Traditionally styled, picket fencing is a popular choice for many domestic gardens and sees wooden picket pales attached to a rail with gaps left between. Offering a highly effective way to mark out a boundary at the front of a property, picket fencing also provides a visually appealing finish to the exterior of your home.

Diagonal fencing

Offering an aesthetically pleasing finish, diagonal fencing sees the wooden pales lying diagonally across the fencing board as opposed to the more traditional vertical finish. Diagonal palisade fencing is a great addition to any garden and is also highly effective at improving privacy around your outside space.

Curved picket fencing

Suitable for all garden boundaries and exterior landscaped areas, curved picket fences provide beautiful curves and arches around your outside space. Allowing the natural light through the gaps in the wooden picket pales, they can also help to make a garden look bigger than it actually is.

Curved ranch fencing

A great way to create a clear boundary around your property, our curved ranch fencing provides privacy without impacting on the overall look of your garden.

Hit and miss double sided picket fencing

Our hit and miss double sided fencing has this name because the pales are fixed alternately on the front and back of the fencing panel with an over-lap that creates the stylish hit and miss design. This particular style of fencing is a great way to finish a beautifully landscaped garden.

Pointed picket fencing

Our pointed picket fencing is a great way of balancing aesthetics with security. The ideal method of creating a boundary around the exterior of your property, that stops children or pets venturing too far, it still allows an unobstructed view out from your home.

Trellis fencing

Trellis fencing is another fantastic method of providing a functional yet attractive border around your property. We have many different designs to choose from, including trellis that is ideal for growing plants and flowers up through, to panels that are great for screening and creating separate spaces within your garden.

Closeboard (feather edge) fencing

The ideal way to create a sturdy boundary at your property, closeboard and feather edge fencing features interlocking diagonal boards which can create the illusion of a large space at the same time as being strong and resilient to stand up to the weather conditions thrown at them.

Concrete posts and plinths

To help ensure your fencing stands up to the wind and rain all year round, our team are well versed in installing concrete posts and plinths to help improve sturdiness and reduce the risks of panels being blown down.


To complement your new fencing, we also install gates in varying sizes and designs to suit the style of your home and your own personal preferences. Our wooden gates are solid, reliable and aesthetically pleasing, providing the perfect welcoming entrance to your garden, as well as helping to improve security.

When you choose Fencerite, you can rely on the fact that we only use high-quality raw materials and all the timber we use is pressure treated. We are also the only fencing contractor in Kilmarnock to offer a 10-year guarantee on all our work.

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